Iphone 4 Cases -Finding The One That's Best

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Phone cases are likely the most popular accessory for the iPhone 4. If you want to avoid damaging your phone then this is the first accessory you'll want to buy. you'll have several types of cases to choose from so be careful that you are getting one that fully protects your phone. You'll hear about a few of the best cases for your iPhone below.

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Switcheasy's Nude case may be the thinnest case for your iPhone 4 and since it's see through, you can easily see your phone's features.

This case is only 1 mm thick, yet it's made from a very strong polycarbonate material that offers thorough protection for your phone. You can get a package that includes the case, two anti-static screen guards, a squeegee for apply the screen guard, a microfiber wipe, two headphone jack protectors, and two 30 pin connector protectors. This case is available in eight clash royale hack 100 working different colors but the Ultra Clear or the Ultra Black will give you the see-through effect.

Getting a leather holster case for your iPhone 4 will give you a place to store your phone in addition to protecting it. The Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combo by Casemate is a good choice if you want a leather holster. These convenient cases are a great business accessory which give you a professional appearance.

These cases are made by wrapping Napa leather around an impact resistant shell. The Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combo sells for about $50 and provides you a place to keep your phone rather than carrying it in your pocket, bag, or purse.

One of the most unusual types of iPhone 4 cases are the hand crafted, bamboo cases made by Grove. These are crafted by artists, who create a limited number of original designs that you can choose from. These are truly works of art, and they are made using a variety of techniques, such as digital imagery, pencil and India ink. If you want something completely unique, you can also choose to have an image custom made for you. Another choice is visit site a bamboo case without anything drawn on it, which will still give you an iPhone case not quite like any other. As you might expect, these are higher priced than your average case, and if you want one that's custom designed it will cost around $100.

Choosing the best protection for your iPhone 4 can be difficult with so many possibilities. There are probably hundreds of phone covers, and new ones are introduced all the time. Your main function in a phone cover is to protect your phone, while appearance is nice, it should not be your main goal.

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